I first met Bro. Don Edwards in 1976. My son-in-law had started a new church near Buffalo, New York, and had him for a meeting. Through that meeting we became friends. Through the years, we had Bro. Don many times for meetings and we became his home church and sponsor of The Torch.

Don wanted me to become Co-Editor of The Flaming Torch so, off and on I consented to do it. I believe The Torch was a very good Christian and Baptist publication. I did not always agree with all articles, doctrinally, but who did? And most were good.

When The Lord called Don home, we were wondering if someone would continue printing the paper. I am delighted that Bro. Thomas Smith, Pastor of Mt. Zion Baptist Church in St. Clair, Missouri, is going to continue The Flaming Torch instead of letting the flame go out since Bro. Edwards went to Heaven. We hope that you folks who have supported the paper for all of these years will continue to do so and try to encourage others to take the paper and help support it. Hope you enjoy this first new issue and receive a blessing.

Just think of it, Don up there in Heaven trying to find Harold Boyd to give him a hard time!

Mt. Zion Baptist Church is a good, Independent, King James Bible believing church. It is a blessing to have it as the home church of The Flaming Torch.