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As true Bible-believers, we sometimes find ourselves believing myths because we have heard someone preach or teach on a certain subject without checking it out closely ourselves.  Anyone who has spent any time in the word of God will know what I am referring to.

For the most part, we have this tendency to assume that the individual who is presenting an issue or subject has thoroughly checked out the material involved.  Such was the case for myself, and no doubt, for many other preachers of the Bible when it comes to the length of time it took Noah to build the ark.

Over the years I have heard many a man wax eloquent about the tremendous efforts and faithfulness of Noah working all day and preaching half the night for 120 years.  Now, I have no bone of contention about the fact that Noah was a faithful and dedicated man, or that he worked for many years in building the Ark and the preaching of truth to that untoward generation.  My contention arises over the length of time involved.

The original idea that it took 120 years to build the ark is based upon Genesis chapter 6, verse 3 which reads, “And the Lord said, My spirit shall not always strive with man, for that he also is flesh: yet to his days shall be an hundred and twenty years.”

This statement is not made to Noah.  This communication was simply stated, no doubt, within and to the Trinity.  God does not speak to Noah until verse 13, at which time he expresses his concern over the violence in the earth, his intention to destroy the earth, and the subsequent instructions on how to build the ark, etc.

Now, please note the following:

1. Noah is 500 years old when he begins to have his sons (Gen. 5:32).

2. Noah is 600 years old when the flood comes upon the earth (Gen. 7:11).

3. When God gives the instructions, his sons are already grown and married to their wives (Gen. 6:18).

4. Even if the boys had been triplets, and had been born the day God made the pronouncement of judgment, the longest he could have worked on the ark would have been 100 years, assuming God told him when he first made the statement.

5. We know the above statement (No. 4) is not so, because we are told that the sons are all different ages by comparing Genesis chapter 9, verse 24 and chapter 10, verse 21.

6. Shem, who is the middle son, is 100 years old 2 years after the flood (Gen. 11:10).

In conclusion, I do not know the length of time it took Noah to build the ark.  However, I do know that it did not take 120 years, based upon the information I have presented.

It certainly could have taken many years, and no doubt did, to complete such a large vessel.  But only God and those who actually built the ark know for sure how many years were involved.  Or, maybe, God will reveal some more information within the Word itself and show us how long it really did take.

Keep on searching the scriptures to see if those things are so!



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