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On February 16, 2001 Evangelist Don Edwards and Sister Mary will be celebrating their 50th WEDDING ANNIVERSARY. They had their first date at a church sweetheart banquet on February 14. One year and two days later they were married at the same church in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Mary is to be especially congratulated for putting up with Bro. Edwards for fifty years. Having known Bro. Edwards for nearly 24 years I believe I can speak from first hand knowledge. The ladies of our church recently sent Mary a nice financial gift. Perhaps some of you would want to send them a congratulations card and enclose something for Mary.


On October 29 our church had "Friend Day." Our folks worked and we went over our goal. Actually we about doubled our normal attendance. The auditorium was so full that we had the choir to remain seated in the choir loft during the entire service. Many lost people heard the gospel preached which resulted in some being saved.

The way to have your "Friend Day" to succeed is to start five or six weeks ahead of time and pass out Friend Day cards to your people. The cards are about 3x5 and might say something like this. "Yes, I will be your Friend on "FRIEND DAY" Sunday, October 29, 2000, At Bible Baptist Church, 3410 Mt. Acadia Blvd., San Diego, CA. TIME: 11:00 A.M. OUR GOAL: 100 (or whatever you set)."

Have a place at the bottom for their name and address. Have your people turn the cards in and you write a thank you letter, thanking the friends, ahead of time, for being your friend and helping you make your goal.

Mail the cards about Wednesday before Friend Day. Get your people to sign up anyone: friends, enemies, in-laws, out-laws, anyone!

We gave a nice leather bound Bible and a night out to dinner with the Pastor and his Wife, to the person who got the most friends to church on Friend Day.

If you have never tried it, give it a try. It will give your people a tool to get folks to church. They will get excited and maybe somebody will get saved.


As many of you readers know, here in San Diego, we have a big turn over in church attendance because of the military shipping out our families. We have to gain about 30% a year to just break even. It has been difficult for us to get used to losing so many good members. However, we just keep on keeping on for the Lord Jesus Christ.

We have had difficulty in keeping a piano player. This last time we went about two years without one. We had been praying for a piano and organ player for a long time. We have beautiful instruments but nobody to play them.

The Lord has answered our prayer.s He has sent us Herman and Cherry Tabanda from the Philippines. Herman plays our Piano and Cherry plays our organ.

Herman and Cherry come from pastor Primo Tabanda's church, the Bible Baptist Temple, in Manila. Herman is Pastor Tabanada's son and Cherry is Herman's wife. He was in charge of leading their music and Cherry was their piano player.

it is great that the Lord is working things out for them to stay here in San Diego and work in our church with Pastor Tabanda's blessing. They will also be working in our Christian school. God is very good to us who wait upon Him and keep on trying to win souls and doing right.

"Praise ye the LORD: for it is good to sing praises unto our God; for it is pleasant; and praise is comely." (Psalms 147:1)


The following letter was received from Pastor Chiolero, Santa Fe, New Mexico, after his meeting with Torch Editor, Evangelist Don Edwards.

Dear Brother Perkins:

Allow me to recommend Don Edwards, who is a dynamic preacher. He is knowledgeable, pliable and effective in revival and Evangelism. He was with me just recently in September of 2000. He was a true blessing. I highlyrecommend him to whomever may be looking for a good Evangelist.

Yours for the Cause of Christ in Santa Fe,


Pastor Harold P. Chiolero

Bro. Edwards has quit his part time job (see his editor's notes), and is available to do some meetings. You preachers ought to give him a call to see about scheduling him for your church. He now has a phone number where you can talk directly with him any time. Here it is: (702) 436-1426.






P.O. BOX 5211


March 24, 2000

Thomas Road Baptist Church

1971 University Blvd.

Lynchburg, VA 24502

Attn: Dr. Jerry Falwell

Dear Dr. Falwell:

I will not take up but a few minutes of your time. Would you please read and respond.

All I ask for is a "yes" or "no", unless you think more of an answer is required.

While reading a message in "The Flaming Torch" published as a ministry of Clairemont Bible Baptist Church, San Diego, CA, Volume 41, No. 1 - for Jan/Feb/March 2000 I found a statement that is disturbing.

I noticed in a message entitled "Mellow Yellow", by Pastor Charles Perkins, the following reference to you of which I will quote two paragraphs as follow:

"Years ago in the early seventies, we started a new church in Elma, New York, near Buffalo. It is still there and is pastored by a good Bible Believing pastor. Falwell came to town with his "I Love America Crusade" trying to raise money.

My organist and her husband went to one of the rallies. During the rally, Falwell held up his King James Bible and said something to the effect that he believed THIS IS the inerrant "Word of God." After the meeting was over, my organist went up and asked him if he believed the King James Bible was perfect and without error.

He answered her with a question of his own. He asked, "does your pastor believe that the King James Bible is perfect and without error". She said, "YES." Falwell said: "You are in a false cult. You need to go back and get out of that church."

She didn't take his advice. She is still in that same church and doing well with her old black book!"

I realize almost 30 years have gone by, but I want to know if you said and believe what was attributed to you.


Lonnie A. Wilson, Pastor

Copy: Pastor Charles Perkins


April 3, 2000

Rev. Lonnie A. Wilson

Temple Baptist Church

P.O. Box 5211

Statesville, NC 28687

Dear Brother Wilson,

I am responding to your March 24, 2000 letter in which you inquired about the accuracy of a statement you read in the Jan/Feb/March 2000 issue of "The Flaming Torch", a publication of the Clairemont Bible Baptist Church, San Diego, CA, Volume 41, No. 1. You stated that the attack against me was written by Pastor Charles Perkins in his message entitled "Mellow Yellow".

You quoted the following: (Torch Editor: Please see the quote above)

Brother Wilson, the charge is false and libelous. I have forwarded your letter to our legal department. The conversation as described by Pastor Perkins NEVER occurred. I have never attacked men of God who preach God's Word. I am copying this letter to Pastor Perkins with a request he give me the name, address and phone number of this organist who he alleges had this fictitious conversation with me. I will personally confront her and anyone else who makes this false accusation. Personally, I doubt any such organist exists.

Brother Wilson, I have preached exclusively from the King James Version of the Bible for more than 48 years. While *I do not believe the KJV is the only good translation, I have made it the only one I use in teaching and preaching. Of course, the original KJV dates aback to 1611 and it has been revised four times since then. You, like me, probably use the latest revision of the KJV. Further, the majority of the world does not speak English and therefore must rely upon versions in their own languages.

Thank you dear brother for alerting me to the mean-spirited and false accusation in "The Flaming Torch". Bro. Perkins was misled by someone and inadvertently reprinted the libel and slander. In that event, Bro. Perkins should have done the scriptural thing and called me personally to check it out, before printing it as fact.


Jerry Falwell, Pastor

cc: Pastor Charles Perkins


I did not respond, by mail, to Brother Wilson or to Dr. Falwell, because the truth does not usually need to be defended, and it did not matter, to me, what either man believed about the statement in my article.

Of course, Dr. Falwell's letter sounds like he may be going to sue me in court. "I have forwarded your letter to our legal department.") If he would do this in light of 1 Corinthians 6:1, I do not really know. It does not seem too likely, though, since he would spoil his record: ("I have never attacked men of God who preach God's Word.")

It does sound like, however, he would attack my little, now widowed, organist, if I would give him, or maybe his "lawyers," her name and address. (I will personally confront her and anyone else who makes this false accusation.")

What would Falwell do? Call her on the phone? Go up to Elma, N.Y. and knock on her door? Haul her into court? I don't think so.

After calling me "mean spirited," which sounds very "politically correct," the attempt is made to sound conciliatory. ("Perhaps, Bro. Perkins was misled by someone . . .")

No, I was not misled by "someone." I can assure you this dear Christian lady, who believes her King James Bible is inerrant, does exist and the report I gave in the Torch was accurate.

Now, if Dr. Falwell does not remember making the statement, it is fine with me. When he says he did not make the statement, I believe he truly believes he did not say it. I do not believe he is lying in this letter to Brother Wilson.

Dr. Falwell, being 364 days younger than I, might be "mellowing" with "old timers disease." After all, who can remember all of the things one said after twenty-seven years?

I personally remember being told the statement by my organist and her husband. I do not believe they made it up. Whether it is word for word accurate is uncertain, but it is as accurate as "Falwell's" New King James Version is accurate. (2 Timothy 2:15)

The reason I can remember, so easily, I have used the account as an illustration, occasionally, in my preaching, for a number of years. The illustration is not to "bad mouth" Dr. Falwell but to show that when a preacher holds up his King James Bible and says, "this is the inerrant word of God," he doesn't always mean the book he is holding in his hand is INERRANT.

Being referred to as a King James "cult" does not bother me in the least. At the Judgment Seat of Christ I will not have to explain why I taught there are mistakes in the King James Bible, as the Bible correctors will have to do. We believe and teach there are no mistakes in the King James Bible. (2 Timothy 3:16, Matthew 4:4, Psalms 12:6-7)

The observant reader should notice that Dr. Falwell says he "USES" the KJV but he did not say that he "BELIEVES" the King James Bible.

You should be aware that Falwell as on the overview committee for the Thomas Nelson Publishing Company, along with A.V. Henderson, Truman Dollar, (all BBFI) and a hodgepodge of other religionists to turn out the corrupt NEW King James Version.

Then, as always, the translators and Bible sellers, pawned it off on unsuspecting Christians as a "REVISION" of the King James Bible after infiltrating it with Alexandrian Manuscript readings.

You should notice that Dr. Falwell said in his letter: Of course, the original KJV dates back to 1611 and it has been revised four times since then."

This statement is only partly accurate. (The 1611 part). The King James Bible has never been "revised." There have been some "Editions" but not "Revisions."

The EDITIONS dealt with font style, spelling changes, textual clarity, printer's errors, etc., but no revisions. All "NEW" bibles, claiming to be revisions of the King James Bible are really translations from an entirely different group of (corrupt) manuscripts.

Therefore, don't be confused by this noise about the King James Bible having been "REVISED FOUR TIMES." This is "hype" and "spin" put out by the pseudo-scholars and adopted as fact by Falwell, Waldrip, Hymers, Ron Minton, Hunter Sherman, Sumner, J.H. Melton, Noel Smith, A.V. Henderson, Truman Dollar, and a flock of other "BRASS" of the BBFI.

The reason for this "spin" is so they can retain their authority over God's word instead of allowing the word to be the authority over them. If they don't like it or understand it, they change it and then attack anyone who exposes them as Bible correctors. Sound familiar" That's it! Yea, hath God said?" (Genesis 3:1)

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