I Was Just Born That Way

As you know, faggots and queers claim that they have genetic problems they can't solve because they were born that way. However, their conduct shows that they weren't born that way at all.

What they actually do is recruit, and they try to recruit the boys just as young as they can, so when they grow up, they'll say, "I was just born that way." For example, we find the following in the Arizona Republic.

"A controversy over a gay Eagle Scout (that is a sex pervert) in Rhode Island prompted a local chapter of the Boy Scouts of America to acknowledge publicly that a scout can be a sex pervert, as long as he doesn't advertise it. Advocates for sex perversions say the case suggests the organization may be relaxing its ban on sex perverts, even as it prepares to protect it from the nation's highest court."

I have substituted the word "sex pervert" for "gay," because the dictionary says such a practice is sex perversion. The article continues

"The New Jersey Supreme Court recently ruled that the Boy Scouts' ban on sex perverts is illegal under the state's anti-discrimination laws".

This means if you don't want your boy to become a sex pervert, get him out of the Boy Scouts as quickly as you can get him out.

All sex perverts recruit. That's why they are in the Boy Scouts. Their recruits later will say, "I was just born that way. I couldn't help it."

- The Bible Believers Bulletin

TORCH EDITOR: Recently Jerry Falwell brought a message of God's love to 200 sex perverted Christians(?) invited to his church. (See the Holy Spirit's comments in the New Testament: 1 Corinthians 5:1,11,13, Romans 1:32). WHEN A SODOMITE GETS BORN AGAIN HE STOPS BEING A SEX PERVERT. IF HE CONTINUES AS A SODOMITE THEN HE WAS NOT BORN AGAIN!!! (1 Cor. 6:9-11)

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